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A nation-wide business development and sourcing service exclusively for contractors.

Sourcing That fits your needs

We pair contractors with contracting servicing technologies and source independent business developement entities. Contractors can then make part of their business development and sales force efforts.

Reach out to schedule a meet and greet session in person or virtually to collectively solve any business developement needs.

The latest technology

Mandelbrot Sourcing LLC helps put contractors in front of emerging tech-based solutions that help them bring out the full potential of their business. Whatever their specific contracting needs are.


The best approach

When sourcing is done right, the right individuals are always available to contractors. Proven field experience allows Mandelbrot Sourcing to evaluate the potential in individuals and properly channel resources where needed. 

Company team

Nicki Lee

Nicki with Mandelbrot Sourcing LLC is a dynamic and energetic person that puts her heart behind her work and is a non-stop engine that believes in delivering solutions and results for her customers. KTLLC highly recommends Mandelbrot Sourcing LLC.

Joel Zurlent | Knowledge Transfer LLC


Proven Results

Sourcing talented producers is best left to the outreach proactive type. The persona you are seeking requires initiative to move someone out of their comfort zone and bring them into yours.

Mandelbrot Sourcing is designed for sourcing dependable and experienced business development representatives. Let us help you to put your business ahead of the competition. Please call to schedule a free sourcing consultation today.

Tech Based Solutions

So you can focus on the business

When a business requires technology it has only two options. Pre-built everyone-the-same use case SaaS, or, programmatic precision-to-your-vision ERPs. Technology Based Solutions sourced by Mandelbrot Sourcing are above the fold in accuracy and purpose because they are based on the idea that each company is unique.  Both in culture and its mission.  Technology is a resource.  But left to SaaS, a business can quickly become a commodity among competitors instead of a market maker taking its rightful place and lead the rest.  Schedule a Meet and Greet consultation to discuss the merits of your contracting business and how precision is not so far away.

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